Singapore Deguang Island Project Soft Foundation Treatment Program

Brief Introduction to Singapore Deguang Island Soft Foundation Treatment Project

Name: Ground Construction and Filling Soft Foundation Treatment Project of the Housing Development Board near Singapore Aviation Park Road

Location: Delight Island, Singapore (Changyi Airport Road)

Method: Vacuum preloading without drainage sand & shallow vacuum preloading

Construction time

Starting time: November 2015

Completion time: Under construction

Singapore’s second largest outer island, Deguang Island, is a military reserved area, which is a land area of 4,901,522 m2 formed by reclamation.

Soft ground processing is required. Large-scale land reclamation is an effective way to solve the growing shortage of land resources in coastal cities.

First, the shortage of medium and coarse sand resources and high cost are the bottlenecks of the traditional vacuum preloading method for treating soft ground in the sea.Adopting Sunzo's non-drainage sand cushion vacuum preloading method (patent number: 2007100312215) without sand cushion, vacuum negative pressure.

The special connection (Patent No.: ZL 2009 2 0046917.7) and the vacuum pipe network and the long and short drainage plates are directly transmitted to the deep part of the soft soil foundation, which reduces the wear and tear of the vacuum performance along the drainage board due to the viscous resistance, and improves the soft foundation. The treatment effect saves resources, protects the environment, effectively shortens the construction period, and has far-reaching engineering practice significance. Moreover, in the process of vacuum preloading, vacuuming the superficial layer and vacuuming the deep and shallow layers not only ensure the vacuuming effect of the deep soft soil foundation, but also accelerate the vacuuming of the deep soft soil foundation. Compact design and easy operation.



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