Live report to the site of soft foundation treatment for annual output 50000 sets logistics equipment.
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Project Background


The annual output of 50000 sets of logistics equipment project is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of National Highway 320 and Xingguang Street in Yuhang District, Hangzhou. It is planned to build 3 industrial warehouses with a maximum load of about 7500kN for single column design. There are also two ramps. The total land area is 90,000 square meters and the total construction area is 100,000 square meters.

▲general layout

Survey before construction




An annual production capacity of 50,000 sets of logistics equipment soft foundation treatment projects before construction

Design Soft Ground Processing Resolutions


   After the design and demonstration of the Shengzhou team to determine the soft foundation treatment plan, the project needs to solve the post-construction settlement problem of the muddy soil layer; the bearing capacity of the foundation soil. The overall scheme adopts plastic drainage board combined with vacuum preloading drainage consolidation method to treat the soft foundation of the site; the vacuum preloading adopts the “no-discharge sand cushion vacuum preloading method” with low cost, short construction period and low environmental protection (Shengzhou invention patent).

Main Procedules for Soft Ground Treatments



Site leveling → Drainage board → Sealing wall → Filling cofferdam → Laying pipeline → Geotextile and sealing film → Vacuum preloading → Full load preloading and monitoring → Stop pump acceptance

Entering the Site on Mar. 25



Clean up: leveling, compacting, and constructing a cross-slope to facilitate drainage after removing surface attachments or excavating materials


Complete the clearance (ground leveling)

Access road: plastic drainage board handles the soft road section of the access road and the main transportation road through, so that the entry and exit of construction machinery and the arrival of plastic drainage board.

April 8 Constructing


in machine construction - vertical drainage channel - construction of plastic drainage board

Build the Sealing Wall

Filling the cofferdam

Horizontal drainage system construction - laying pipeline (installing bellows + tube connector)

Complete horizontal drainage system construction

Laying geotextile

Laying a sealing film

Complete geotextile and sealing film laying

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